BREAKING: Stribbers taking buyouts

Prepare to say goodbye to some of your favorite writers at the Star Tribune. The deadline for Stribbers to accept the newsroom buyout is 5 p.m. today. Management is hoping to get 50 people to accept the package and clean out their desks by June 15.

As the deadline looms, you can pass time by checking out this Newsroom Table of Reorganization [Excel] that was leaked to us a few weeks ago. It indicates where the Strib will reallocate its resources.

We're not expecting the Strib to make an announcement of who's leaving anytime soon, so we're informally tracking the departures through newsroom sources. We'll also be updating our list of Stribbers who have accepted the buyout as we hear from our sources, so be sure to keep checking back. Note: If you're a Stribber who knows of somebody leaving, send us an email (we'll withhold the names of our sources). Conversely, if anyone is on this list erroneously, please let us know and we'll correct it:

Stribbers taking the buyout:

Eric Black Conrad Defiebre Pat Pheifer Nancy Olsen Doug Grow Susie Hopper Linda Mack Stormi Greener Chuck Haga Sharon Schmickle Jim Boyd Jay Weiner Deborah Caulfield Rybak John Addington Nancy Entwistle Tom Ford Robyn Dochterman Joe Kimball Delma Francis Larry (L.K.) Hanson Heather Munro Bob Jansen Denise Brownfield Steve Berg

Reassignments: James Lileks will run Steve Brandt will be covering City Hall Kevin Diaz returning to DC beat from McClatchy Paul Klauda is moving to Night AME (associate managing editor)

Reported by Paul Demko and G.R. Anderson Jr., including quotes from Strib staffers who took buyouts, which can be found in the comments section below...