Breakfast of Champions 8/8: Burmese Democracy

Twenty years ago this morning, an uprising in Burma demanded democracy. This resulted in thousands of unarmed students and Buddhist monks being slaughtered by the Burmese dictatorship, which was then known by the ominous acronym SLORC (State Law & Order Restoration Council).

Last year Rhena Tantisunthorn profiled Karen refugees living in St. Paul. Today's the type of day that puts world events in context of these lives lived locally, and how things came to be this way. It's a grim anniversary, but one worth marking.

Today also heralds the onset of the Olympics in Beijing -- another event that affects Burma. I wonder if they ever think about calling off August in the nation now known as Myanmar.

Joe Rogan's been a lot of things: actor, comedian, host, martial artist, UFC commentator. I think he's being metaphorical when he suggests adding "hunter/killer of Minnesota lawmakers," but then, Joe is full of surprises. And you'll pry his DMT from his cold, dead fingers.

Security moms, NASCAR dads, soccer moms ... don't any childless people serve as key swing demographics? Sure they do. Just ask cartoonist Nate Patrin, who has identified the 15 people who will decide the election.

The Fringe festival is in the homestretch. Don't forget your one-stop guide. On the blogs, Christopher O. Kidder is following shows based on the whim of a dice-roll, but he also has some specific recommendations for shows not to miss.

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