Breakfast of Champions 8/5: Animalized

It was critter day on the blogs yesterday, with a quick YouTube reference to Christian the Lion, an update on the status of wolf puppies, and a notification that your zoo is armed. But will the zookeepers be used as backup security during the RNC?

Future fuzzy (though not necessarily warm) stories of headed for the feature section of the paper, too.

While I'm foreshadowing: big changes will hit this corner of the Webiverse next week. Cue the John Williams music or possibly Thus Spake Zarathustra. Let's just say it'll give you about a dozen new reasons to check this site throughout the day.

If you've never been to an anime convention, the Japanese animation fests bring out the visuals in spades. Kakkoicon, in its first year, exhibited fashion daring aplenty.

Besides writing reviews of every timeslot during the Fringe, Christopher O. Kidder is also bringing you audio. Check out his Fringecasts here.

Hillary Clinton said that she could attract working-class white voters better than the other candidate. She might have been right, especially if the other candidate she was talking about was John McCain.

Brit duo the Ting Tings sold out the Varsity Theater last night, but that didn't keep Amber Schadewald away. A full music report at Culture to Go. On the gong beat, as always, is Jeff Severns Guntzel -- and the Hold Steady.

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