Breakfast of Champions 8/14: Patriots and Games

If Colin Powell is really going to endorse Barack Obama, that's a huge coup for the Democrat given Powell's favorability ratings. But it's Bill Kristol reporting it, and Powell's people are denying it, so I'm skeptical.

Such skepticism isn't warranted about whether people are into Ben Palosaari's Tron Guy feature, though. Follow Ben's journey through the story, including video of a flight in the Tron Plane, and see exclusive photos.

In advance of tomorrow night's show at First Avenue, Andrew Myers highlights favorite Bon Iver songs, including a new one he's been performing on tour. Fusing music and politics is the Eight is Enough show, our Flyer of the Week.

Chris Chike, local guy and worlds greatest Guitar Hero player, is now featured in the New York Times. Follow that link for all of our Chike coverage.,

James Norton celebrates Cecil's St. Paul deli. Rachel Hutton points toward more shwanky local vodka.

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