Breakfast of Champions 8/12: 30 reasons to enjoy summer

I like a lot of things stuffed. Peppers. Mushrooms. My face. But a lynx should be wild, not stuffed.

It's time to enjoy the Farmer's Markets while they last, and Rachel Hutton has a guide to mini-markets throughout the city of Minneapolis. In other summer cuisine news, Barbette's lamb burger might be the right taste for all you carnivores out there. Just as long as lynx is off the menu, you, me and the game warden got no problems.

We get e-mails. Lots of emails. Especially those of us on the "events" list, where folks with a wide range of interests ship their upcoming shows. This is how the list is intended: for upcoming shows and (hence the name) events that should show up in the listings.

Then, there are those who use the list for ... other purposes. To pontificate politically. To share unsolicited observations and bizarre pop-culture artifacts. Sound creepy? Sometimes. Andrea Myers had the one-two whammy of creepy e-mails yesterday, which she shared with all of us.

Fringe Festival: Le Denouement.

Bradley Campbell has a couple of new cycling posts up, including one about the RNC with a Bike Commuter Fair on Wednesday.

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