Breakfast of Champions 8/1: Disappearing photography

The Minnesota Center for Photography closed unexpectedly yesterday, and in a sad twist, this has thwarted photographer Jaimi Novak's first solo show. Fret not: we'll have images from the show online in a few hours. Ben Palosaari interviewed Novak earlier this week.

Headed to the Fringe Festival this weekend? Not sure which of the theatrical riches to check out? If you're looking for shows to catch, follow our Fringe Festival coverage on Culture to Go. Expect multiple posts as reviews start to stream in.

In a follow-up to our story about the man who bought a nuclear engineering degree, Jonathan Kaminsky solicits a comment from the Dominion Energy spokesperson. That's the parent company of the nuclear plant where Duwayne Huss is reportedly currently employed. Unfortunately, the comment is "No Comment."

Spill the Wine has a new Wine of the Month club. Rachel Hutton explores all of the options in our latest Drink of the Week.

Are you addicted to Civilization? No? Then you must never have played Civilization, the only game where Gandhi (not Superman) is a dick.

Canned beer? Gnomes? Swords? All together? I don't even have a joke here.

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