Breakfast of Champions 7/9: More Comix Standing


Our annual comics issue hits the stands today, and all the great artwork that we couldn't find space for in the print edition is online right here. Check out all the work that you can see around town -- along with 16 other comics about the Republican national convention.

Breaking news you won't find anywhere else: a confidential memo from Star Tribune publisher Chris Harte was obtained by Kevin Hoffman. Read our report and see the original correspondence in PDF format.

Michele Bachmann believes that the proposed four-day school week is the fault of Democrats. T. Boone Pickens, the legendary conservative, has a more bipartisan perspective on energy policy, and one that could be good for Minnesota.

If you read Beth Walton's cover piece about soldier suicides and her online extras, you remember the story of Tony Klecker. After returning from Iraq, the PTSD-suffering veteran killed a teenager while driving under the influence. Now, the New York Times profiles him.

Sing loudly, and carry a weird stick. I'm truly sorry, but we both know it had to be said.

Food words: Rachel Hutton updates you on Merriam-Webster's latest additions, including "pescaterian" to describe someone whose only meat of choice is fish. I've always preferred "vegaquarian" as an appellation for my condition.

Gamer fight!: Gary Hodges and Nate Patrin debate Metal Gear Solid. We totally need to do more of this: seeing different perspectives on the same experience is fun, and games should be fun.

Baseball is certainly fun, and Sean Forman of has fun with numbers. Judd Spicer interview the Midwest native, inquiring among other things whether the Twins can expect a little love on the site.

Finally, it's that tent time of year. If you're looking, Jeff Severns Guntzel has what you need to find the camping domicile of your dreams.

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