Breakfast of Champions 7/8: Obama targets local man's support

The race for the vice presidential nomination is heating up on both sides, with both John McCain and Barack Obama seeking wise counsel. Sage advice is required on other topics as well: framing, message, convention strategy.

To whom does Obama turn locally for his personal wisdom? our own Bradley Campbell, one whose sole behalf the convention is being held. Despite the fact that ol' B.C. is a confirmed Independent, it's his convention. I think you're invited, too, but maybe ask nicely just in case.

Opinions abound at the Recession Vacation Research Lab. Jeff Severns Guntzel and family imported outside experts, adding to the mix with a strenuous if frivolous review of numerous camping chairs.

New in our slideshow plans: club candids, which give you a look at your friends and neighbors in attendance at nightclubs and rock shows. We begin with Too Much Love, the weekly affair at First Avenue, which goes off every Saturday at 10 p.m.

Red Bull is sponsoring a photography exhibit on the Stone Arch Bridge. The immediate question: are there any arty photographs of the Red Bull Car?

Yesterday, our food bloggers told you about strawberries. Today, we've got a new addition to the sausage grilling pantheon. For all you vegetarians out there, well ... it's got bits of cherry in it.

The news for newspapers just keeps getting better. And by "better," I mean "horrifying."

On the topic of horrifying: the Vikings make ESPN's list of Top 10 Most Likely Franchises to be Relocated. I think that sound you hear is the first bit of leakage from Eric Refsland's developing ulcer.

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