Breakfast of Champions 7/7: Outdoor adventures

If you weren't reading the blogs this weekend, you have an excuse -- the holiday. But you also have a bit to catch up on, including Jeff Severns Guntzel's Recession Vacation Research Lab posts (many of which are still to come).

Start with the original RVRL post, which explains the mission behind Severns Guntzel's decision to camp in his backyard (more or less, it was the only vacation he could afford). KARE 11 came to visit, so you can see the whole apparatus on video. Food critic Rachel Hutton also attended, reviewing various types of freeze-dried cuisine options.

In other food news, Hutton asks, does the Taste of Minnesota really give you a sampling of local cuisines? And strawberry season with be gone before you know it, so find out where to pick the best berries.

From the long July 4 break come three new slideshows:

* Song Town Saloon at the Acadia Cafe is a new showcase for roots and Americana musicians. The second-ever event was Saturday night.

* Dozens of images of costumed attendees of CONvergence are here, with a complete review of the 10th anniversary event as well

* Hosted by Toki Wright, the Independent's Day hip-hop event brought out rap's local luminaries

Barbara Ehrenreich is one of the most consistently interesting and challenging authors working today. She sat down with City Pages around the time of her talk in town this weekend.

The latest on the Strib's bankruptcy is buried within a longer profile story. For more media death watch news, watch this blog in a few hours.

Sex and politics department, parts one and two: Daily KOS discovers the Coleman Blo & Go. Also, how about this for a campaign slogan: "John McCain is not old, Charlie Crist is not gay"? It's money, right? Or at least it's not any worse than what the McCain campaign has come up with so far.

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