Breakfast of Champions 7/30: American Refugee

The main focus of this Wednesday's content centers around Beth Walton's feature article about the Collins family, living in exile in Amsterdam.

To complement this story of spousal abuse, kidnapping and refugee status, we have an additional interview with Jennifer Collins, one of the children allegedly abused by her father. Now 23, Jennifer Collins talks about a future working with adult survivors of abuse.

From their therapy sessions as children, Jennifer supplied us with chilling stories her brother Zachary wrote and drew as a child. Also see the photo slideshow with more artwork Jennifer and Zachary drew as children. The artwork links are can't-miss if you want to feel the emotional impact of this story.

Elsewhere: Nipa might not have been the "Next Food Network Star," but she sat down with Rachel Hutton to give you a behind the scenes glimpse into the reality show.

Which Vikings quarterback is the most American? This is a question Bradley Campbell poses. Another factor in John David's favor: Americans love Booty.

I liked The Government Inspector at the Guthrie. Just so you know.

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