Breakfast of Champions 7/3: Arresting visuals

In the words of our own Ward Rubrecht, "the biggest event of the year for Minnesota geeks" starts today. CONvergence, a four-day celebration of science fiction, gaming, anime and more, kicks of in Bloomington.

Whether you can name all of the Rogue Squadron without blinking or just have a mild case of nerdiness, there fixes to be plenty for you to enjoy. Writer/blogger Daniel Wallace talks about some of the panels he'll be on here.

The news of yesterday was highlighted by Matt Snyders' exclusive coverage of an arrest-laden protest in front of an Anoka munitions factory. The act of civil disobedience was organized by a group calling themselves the Project to Stop the War Industry.

Here's some good music news: Jason Nagel is back on the air. His locally-focused program, Minnesota Music, kicks off in just under two weeks.

Mr. Kennedy's a proud Minnesotan? [Johnny Carson voice] I did not know that. [/JCV] But is an admitted user of illegal steroids really the right guy to send the RNC host committee's message? Kevin Hoffman reports.

If you haven't already signed up for the Hot Dish, City Pages' new food newsletter, you might want to check it out. James Norton offers you a sneak preview.

This past Friday, a judge's ruling confirmed that an autistic boy can be barred from attending church. Now, the family is turning to the ACLU.

Richard Galpin puts photographs under the knife. Ben Palosaari discusses his exhibit at Franklin Artworks.

Remember Chrono Trigger? Three iterations of Nintendo consoles later, it's back.

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