Breakfast of Champions 7/28: In Pictures

Image-heavy events -- concerts, fashion shows, festivals -- happen on the weekends. When we bring you a passel of slideshows from a glorious three days of revelry, I feel like excellent photos often get lost in the shuffle. If they aren't in the thumbnail that appears on the homepage or in the first few slides, you might miss them.

This will not stand. Here are three memorable images that nestle, like a secret caramel center, inside this weekend's slideshows:

Breakfast of Champions 7/28: In Pictures

In a fashion-heavy weekend, the Center for Hmong Art and Talent's second annual fashion event stood out. Here, a model sports Mai Moua’s designs. More images from the CHAT's Fresh Traditions fashion show here. Photos by B FRESH.

Breakfast of Champions 7/28: In Pictures

To look at the thumbnail, you'd think that Lumberjack Days was all about the lumberjacks. Au contraire. The dogs and the logs are both represented by Daniel Corrigan's photographs from Lumberjack Days in Stillwater.

To the written word for a moment: "A state program funneling excess deer carcasses from the big hunt to food shelves that was canned last year over lead contamination worries will resume this fall," writes Jonathan Kaminsky. I ran over a wild turkey last month. No lead in that sucker. Of course, it practically evaporated when I hit the thing, so feather soup would have been the best you could hope for from that ex-turkey.

Expecting to see your favorite national Republican at the convention? Gordon Smith? John Sununu? You might just be disappointed. GOPers in competitive congressional races are choosing to stay away.

Breakfast of Champions 7/28: In Pictures

The last photo in the swimsuit fashion slideshow features this fellow, who was having a bachelor party -- only to stumble upon a group of models willing to be pictured with him. More shots by Tony Nelson from the Exotica Swimwear fashion show in the slideshow.

In news of the printed word, Joystick Division's Gary Hodges has a series of posts from the San Diego ComicCon, including one where he meets the Penny Arcade guys -- who, as it turns out, read the site. Gary maintains his dignity and does not act like a fanboy.

The run-up to the Fringe Festival is almost complete, and local writer and director Christopher Kidder has a series of blog posts for us. More will be updating throughout the day, and you can follow them all here. The most extensive so far is an interview with performer Allegra Lingo.

Have you forgotten the Vikings' misbehavior over the years, especially that of its sack leaders? Ben Palosaari hasn't. Of course, Ben also drank Colt .45, and God knows if he did so before writing this post or not.

The Minneapolis Police Department has once again amended its protest policies, and Matt Snyders highlights one element: just what can they do with your camera, and under what circumstances?

If only David Carr had started commenting on the Internet while actually using crack, then we might have had something. You're late to the dance on this one, buddy.

Finally, let me leave you with this bit of off-site linky goodness:

Scientists have photographed a giant gas bubble emanating from a whale, suggesting that flatulence is just as common for ocean mammals as it is for humans and many other terrestrial animals.

"The picture is of an Antarctic minke whale taken from the bow of a ship," said AAD principal research scientist Dr Nick Gales. "The white bits in the photo are pieces of ice-floe, the stream of pinky colour behind the whale is a faecal plume - a.k.a. "poo" - the large circle in the water is indeed the physical eruption of the whale’s flatulence."

Yes, you can see the picture by clicking the link. No, I've never seen this happen while scuba diving. Or observed it with my other senses, either.

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