Breakfast of Champions 7/24: I Want the Moon

Full disclosure: a friend of mine worked on this NASA research. Fuller disclosure: the guy who runs Bad Astronomy says this is "just about the coolest thing [he has] ever seen," so I feel beyond justified in sharing it with you.

It's an animation from NASA's EPOXI spacecraft that shows the moon passing directly in front of the Earth, something that's impossible to see from terra firma itself. If this doesn't make you inhale deeply, well, I feel sorry for you.

Once more, with feeling: here's the infrared view.

Enough of the interstellar phenomena. What type of stellar newsgathering have we done for you today?

From a view of the moon circumnavigating the Earth to a bunch of hot people try out for a reality show in St. Paul. Someone make a stupid "heavenly bodies" joke, I can't bear to do it myself.

We'll definitely be following the story of the two female lawyers being fired after sharing a drunken lesbian kiss. Some of us will be hitting the phones trying to work on the employment discrimination angle. Others will be doing Google Image searches for "lesbian kiss."

The Fringe Festival starts on July 31. To get you ready, we're giving voice to Commedia Beuaregarde's Christopher O. Kidder, who will be liveblogging the event on-site. Kidder's initial "Fringe By Numbers" post explains his method for picking shows and offers a rundown of the Monday Fringe-For-All, breaking down the good, bad and strange shows. Between Kidder and theater critic Quinton Skinner, we'll be able to hit a wide array of performances at this year's Fringe.

Slam, Bam: Ward Rubrecht covers the BIG Slam event in photos and MP3 files.

Beth Walton makes fun of Norm Coleman's new "bowlers" ad and broadcast news types that lift content directly from newspapers. But the funniest thing going today is this picture of John McCain and Mitt Romney. Help us caption it!

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