Breakfast of Champions 7/23: Hand in Hand

One of the most comprehensive examinations of Tim Pawlenty's record, Jonathan Kaminsky's "Governor No" details each of his record-setting 34 vetoes. We've picked the top (bottom?) 15 for visual accompaniment.

Practically all of the stories have online accompaniment this time around. Matt Snyders' tale of union drives at Starbucks has a follow-up from yesterday's news conference. Kevin Hoffman explains how he stumbled onto the story of Salmonella Saintpaul. And After you read about Smalley's Jamaican Barbeque, find out how you can make a trip there a worthwhile date.

A few comments take issue with my use of the word "chilling." To me the vitriolic reaction to Indian fishing -- and the resultant threat to a newspaper's ability to publish -- fits the bill.

Isn't Priscilla Lord Faris a little late to the dance on this whole Senate race thing? Bradley Campbell asks the candidate a query or two.

Finally, welcome to the Internet, Heartless Doll. If you like Joystick Division but find it a bit of a boyzone, you might like this pop-culture focused side of the Internet run by and for women.

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