Breakfast of Champions 7/22: The Best Thanksgiving Ever

The big story of the day: tomatoes aren't the Salmonella culprit, jalapenos are. And Minnesota played a critical role in sniffing out the source of the illness:

The Minnesota cluster also appears to have played a role in the FDA's decision late last week to release a statement announcing that it was safe to eat tomatoes.

"It's the same bug," Michael Osterholm, a professor at the University of Minnesota and a leading expert in infectious disease research, said Friday. "Minnesota's data has had a great deal of influence on what the feds have looked at in terms of yesterday's call and the change in recommendation in part had a lot to do with Minnesota's data."

Turns out, even without salmonella, Americans lead the shortest lives of any developed country's citizens. Thankfully, Minnesota is alone among Midwest states in being largely insulated from this.

The three-day, 40-plus band Deep Blues Festival wrapped up Sunday. Check the photos of the band and the crowd.

The Hiawatha line runs Windows 2000? This engenders discussion in the comments, including a serious assessment of geek demerits.

As everyone knows, City Pages has a lot of hot readers. We have no doubts that the eventual winner of this contest will be a CP reader, one way or the other.

Franken to Coleman: hey, puck you, pal!

Shwanky food and wine sampling tonight, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Nicollet Island Pavilion. Rachel Hutton with the details. It sure beats the debacle that is today's fruit cup.

Bradley Campbell isn't in the office this morning. I wonder where he could -- hey, wait, isn't the Tour de France on today? Plus, isn't there a new discount blood doping store on Lake St.? 3

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