Breakfast of Champions 7/18: Who whupped Batman's ass?

Does anyone else remember that Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan wrote the soundtrack to 1997's Batman & Robin film? One of my most surreal memories of the era is a chrome-domed Corgan, clad in black turtleneck, telling an interviewer earnestly that he "wanted to get inside Batman's head" for the music. Oogh.

On the occasion of the Dark Knight film's opening, I would like to direct your attention to the best song ever about Batman. 100 percent Corgan-free:

It was with great anticipation that local Apple nerds awaited the new iPhone 3G. Those who got on the waiting list through AT&T found out yesterday that, through a security lapse, other Internet users could gain access to the customers' names and queue order. iPh0wn3d.

The dance community is in an uproar over the ouster of Jeff Bartlett, a 30-year veteran as artistic director of the Southern Theater. Caroline Palmer, our dance critic, has been following the story.

Preparing for next month's Olympics in China? Prepare yourself for potential weirdness with the 12 Most Bizarre Olympic Moments.

Two items of Twins news: Judd Spicer and Francisco Liriano have something in common. No, Judd's not a fireballing lefthanded youngster coming off of any injury. It's that both men want to see Liriano back in the bigs ASAP. Also, the team holds a benefit for the homeless this weekend. Headline alert: It's funny how the term "strike out" can mean such different things depending on context.

Like our drink of the week feature, but don't get out to the bars much? Make this mulberry mojito.

This makes me want to make a series of elephant-themed merchandise just to collect cease-and-desist letters. With all the images of elephants pooping all over the Internet, the possibilities are limitless.

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