Breakfast of Champions 7/17: Wii party tonight on the third try

True story: I had planned not one, but two review parties for Rock Band for Wii before this one finally came off. The first time, I had to cancel because I got really sick. The second time, there were tornado warnings and half the people set to come over were riding bikes. I am cursed. If I try to play video games again, hide your children and pray your milk doesn't curdle.

Also, I'm looking for a charity I can donate the game to. Any suggestions? I'm thinking a youth recreation center. Please leave any good candidates in the comments.

After Andy Mannix broke the news of the Minneapolis City Council's flip-flopping on police policy pre-RNC, he attended the meeting where second ward councilor Cam Gordon watered down the text of his amendment. This didn't please activists who had hoped for an explicit statement against rubber bullets.

The latest on the Strib falls under "news that's not really news." Yeah, it's news, because an event we'd anticipated -- a new labor deal -- happened. But it doesn't contain much that's surprising, and we still only know the broad sketches of what's going to happen. Yeah, there will be cuts. Yeah, there will be blood. Yeah, someone is going to drink someone else's ever-shrinking milkshake. Just how that shakes out has yet to be seen.

Looks like the Simon Delivers trucks, which I see all the time around my neighborhood, won't be in use for much longer.

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