Breakfast of Champions 7/16: Rubber bullets over Broadway

Numerous restrictions on police tactics -- from using rubber bullets to pepper spray, intimidating journalists and more -- were placed on local police in 2000. Last month, these restrictions were quietly overturned in advance of the RNC. Tonight, city council members will consider whether to put the strictures back in place. Web intern Andy Mannix has the full report.

Bradley Campbell's story about gay seminarians in the Lutheran church is accompanied by not one but two Reporter's Notebooks. He relays excerpts from interviews in the Esquire style.

Rachel Hutton lauds the Grand Cafe while explaining its history and telling you what else to do in the neighborhood, date-wise.

More performers have committed to the Obama benefit show a little over one month from now.

Elders say: Wii would like to play. More video game news at Joystick Division, where Nate Patrin opines on E3. With more Wii-related content to come later in the day.

Brett Fav-ruh to the Vikings? Jonathan Kaminsky weighs in.

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