Breakfast of Champions 7/15: Summer movies, summer music

Perfect weather greeted the year's inaugural Summer Music & Movies series event last night in Loring Park with The Alarmists foreshadowing the Marx Brothers classic Duck Soup. Hundreds of your closest friends, loudest neighbors and random associates spread out on blankets for hours of entertainment.

Pictures were there for the taking, and so I plucked some off of the photo tree that I will intersperse throughout this very post.

Breakfast of Champions 7/15: Summer movies, summer music

The Alarmists, who play next on Saturday at the Turf Club.

We get phone calls here at City Pages. Sometimes, we get phone calls from people worried about KQRS' Morning Show losing its edge. The rising tide of political correctness, the caller frets, could undermine hilarious jokes about Indian people committing suicide and murdered Somalis. On the charge of "high douchebaggery," the court finds you guilty, sir.

Good news for two DFL candidates: Ashwin Madia out-fundraised opponent Eric Paulsen for the quarter, and Al Franken finally has a poll where he's pulled ahead of Norm Coleman.

Breakfast of Champions 7/15: Summer movies, summer music

The film begins. This is also an appropriate moment to remember my favorite Groucho zinger of all time. Click this link. I'm serious.

Headline of the day: "Ol' Yeller face same fate as fictional dog of same name". Ol' Yeller are a band, until July 26, anyway.

From the sublime to the not-so-much, the food blog has two disparate headlines. Jonathan Kaminsky bemoans the worst salad of all time at Cafe Maude. But James Norton finds the blueberry cobbler at Fireroast Mountain Cafe to the be the best cobbler ever.

Judd Spicer wraps up the first half of the baseball season, including a summary of last night's All-Star festivities.

Lamps were covered with cloth, making them look like glowing lollipops. Mmmm, lollipops.

Avid cyclist Bradley Campbell is documenting the worst intersections in Minneapolis. Just check out the photo and you'll see why the corner of Hennepin and Washington makes the list.

In your latest RNC news, Beth Walton runs down a Time Magazine article summarizing convention preparation plans. Conclusion: Republicans are more welcoming to protesters. Wha?

Breakfast of Champions 7/15: Summer movies, summer music

The glowing fountain ends the night. If you were at the film with that special someone, this was the moment to pull your best Smoove B line.

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