Breakfast of Champions 7/11: Stormy Weather

Remember Cole Haakana? The young man's mysterious illness was the subject of Beth Walton's cover story last month. Now, his family is having a fundraiser to offset his continuing medical costs.

As long as I'm going on 107.1 FM every Thursday to talk about upcoming weekend events, I might as well post them here. Suggestions for the next three days include outdoor dance, the Dragon Festival and more. Another suggestion: try our Drink of the Week!

The Citizens League has been having these "Policy and a Pint" events, with the most recent focusing on China. If, like me, you've been meaning to make it to one but haven't, check out Desiree Weber's take.

If this guy had held someone up with McDonald's secret sauce, he might have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The First Amendment Gallery's exhibition chronicled Nine years of Modern Radio, but if you missed its run, see the review and pictures from Andrea Myers.

I'm a vegaquarian myself, but I imagine if your appreciation for Shakespeare can't be enhanced by free bratwurst, there's precious little of the Bard in you.

With that, I'm off on a quick errand -- which may be the topic of this afternoon's blogging.

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