Breakfast of Champions 7/1: The Digital Age

July 1 isn't just the midpoint of the year, it's Debbie Harry's birthday. In case you want to feel more like an aging hipster than usual, she's 63 today. No, that has nothing do with anything. But to commemorate, hear a song that's almost 30 years old itself:

On a completely different musical note: With the tension amongst the Wu-Tang Clan, producer and MC RZA didn't accompany the group on their last trip here. Nate Patrin is glad the RZA came to First Avenue last night under the identity of his "Bobby Digital" character. Daniel Corrigan has a photo slideshow.

It's not dancing with the stars, it's dancing under the stars. Caroline Palmer attended a milonga, an outdoor tango dance hosted by Sea Salt Restaurant, and she passes the results on to you.

Instant runoff voting is one of the top three "wow, why are there tons of comments on this post?" issues we see on the blog. It's one of those topics that inspires a surprising (to me, anyway) polarity of opinions. Jonathan Kaminsky's latest offering, about the potential for St. Paul to block an IRV vote, is no exception.

When I read a New York Times story about how the Bush administration chose not to open an e-mail from the EPA, hence ignoring critical issues facing the country, my first thought was of the ostrich sticking its head in the sand. But that's only a rumor, a millennia-old lie that has sullied the reputation of that noble bird. Rather than besmirch the ostrich further, I chose to term the Bushies' strategy "The Alf Defense."

Two divergent offerings on the food blog yesterday. From Rachel Hutton, a paean to that crispy and spicy vegetable, the radish. If that's too healthy for you, James Norton directs you to the burgers at the Lion's Tap.

Baseball is in the air, and Judd Spicer lauds the Twins' recent hot streak. Meanwhile, Jeff Severns Guntzel is thinking about Pat Neshek, injured reliever, seamhead, metal fan, vegan, and blogger.

When I think "crackpot theory," I think, "Matt Snyders." However, when Snyders self-deprecatingly declares his prediction of a place for Mitt Romney on the ticket to be a crackpot theory, I disagree: I think it's probably the most likely scenario. The unintentional comedy value also has me excited.

Joystick Division's character banner identification contest continues. In this episode, you'll see the one character I chose and why.

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