Breakfast of Champions 6/9: New Day Rising

The updates I teased on Friday were forestalled by an exploded transformer that killed power for a mile around City Pages world headquarters. Today, though, you'll witness some pleasing changes to our online presence.


That's right, the new rolls out today. In mere hours, we will bear witness to the power of this fully operational battle station. And ship me any problems you have with navigation, or leave them in the comments. Thank you kindly. Now, to the links:

We're proud to announce that City Pages won three awards from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. To see the announcement and the award-winning work, go here.

For some time now, I've wanted to compile a fairly comprehensive post with solid evidence that a certain libertarian's campaign has racist roots. The Strib's uncritical coverage of this so-called revolution inspired me to do so this morning. So, if you're interested in the bigotry demonstrated for years by Ron Pa ... aw, shit, look what I just did.

Breakfast of Champions 6/9: New Day Rising

I should really do one of these plan-your-funeral-from-work deals, especially after doing that post I just referenced.

Elsewhere, we take a swipe at the Strib for an unrelated matter. Media criticism weekend actually began with umbrage toward Smart Politics, who bought into a harmful fallacy.

The latest Over the Weekend is a turbo edition of all the shows from Thursday to today, featuring REM and Chris Koza.

The Walker's latest outdoor show offered an intimate theatrical performance in a public setting. my review: "Small Metal Objects innovates without seeming avant garde for avante garde's sake. As enjoyable as it is thought-provoking, this is the type of show that you roll around in your head for days -- or discuss it with friends, blending your own private moments with public ones."

The photos from the slideshow reveal a little bit about how the show, which had the audience wired with headphones, was set up. It also contains some live notes.

The Pro Wakeboard Tour slideshow finds Daniel Corrigan cataloging 27 shots of flips, stunts, and wipeouts -- along with scene photos from the weekend event.

The University of Minnesota's new anti-binge drinking program either emphasizes parent power, or promotes tattling, depending on one's perspective. In other health news, I've often wanted to tell people that make fun of the overweight to shut the hell up, but not for medical reasons. Now there's another argument in favor of not being a prick to fat folks.

Always wanted to check out local slam poetry? Never made it out to a show? We bring the urban arts to you, in MP3 form.

Kevin Hoffman follows horse racing so you don't have to. You can just have a mint julep instead, which is the best part of horse racing.

The results are in, and Barack Obama's St. Paul speech (and ensuing nomination win) has given him a substantial "unity bounce" in the polls.

Why is Hillary Clinton so magnanimous in defeat? Here's one explanation. Why hasn't the rumored videotape of Michelle Obama surfaced? Because it isn't real. Why did John McCain look confused and bewildered when delivering a speech via teleprompter? Because he's really, really old.

Nate Patrin brings you the latest in a series of racing game reviews, this time GRID.

I sincerely hope we continue doing these Free Beer Friday reviews. In fact, who is up for Free Beer Monday? Can I get a witness?

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