Breakfast of Champions 6/6: Song sung blue


First, thanks to everyone who showed up at the Uptown VFW Hall for karaoke last night. Many songs were sung, and a good time was had by all, or at least by me.

By the way, in the department of foreshadowing, you might want to refresh this site a few times today, especially once the afternoon rolls around. Just sayin'.

Speaking of songs, Hillary Clinton is done, and Jeff Severns Guntzel is thinking about tunes for the occasion. He has five of them, and commenters offer more. Got a suggestion?

Elsewhere in music, we have 17 photos by James Tran from the REM show last night. If you're not into photos of bands, you can always look at bears, otters, and wild boar.

This tale of two headlines about Minnesota's graduation rate really doesn't look so good for the Strib.

If you haven't read Kao Kalia Yang's book The Latehomecomer, pick it up. The memoir is elegantly written and never lacks for interesting elements. Full disclosure: she's a friend of mine. Fuller disclosure: I wouldn't tell you to buy her book if I didn't think it was awesome.

Steve Ballmer and Rupert Murdoch have differing perspectives on the future of print media.

The Aquatennial has really been around for 69 years? That's not just a marketing joke?

I love balsamic vinegar. I love vanilla ice cream. I love James Norton. But I'm still not sold on the last item listed telling me to mix the first two. On the other hand, boozy Earl Grey sounds like sex on wheels.

Will we see a Triple Crown winner this year? Saddle up the wagon and pack the Winstrol, we're headed for Canterbury Park.

Gary Hodges' extended remix review of Castle of Shikigami is available now at Joystick Division.