Breakfast of Champions 6/4: Barack Star


The buzz around town is all about one thing: our new issue. Oh, and the historic speech given by presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama last night at the Xcel Energy Center.

For Obama content, new staff writer Bradley Campbell previewed the rally, and we're expecting his on-site report this morning as well. Also see 30 pictures from the event by Tony Nelson in the slideshow. There's also my liveblog of MSNBC's coverage. Plus, I know at least three people who actually made one of these drinks, the top 5 Clinton Concession Cocktails.

This week's feature is about shady debt collection practices and Pete Barry, the lawyer who makes dirty debt collectors pay. A photo essay slideshow accompanies the story, and you really have to check out the antique debt collection postcards author Jonathan Kaminsky collected.

I used to live with a freegan. But every time I'd order a cheese pizza, he'd insist that I couldn't eat the whole thing, and hence it would go to waste if he didn't nosh on at least three slices.

Since we reported on the FBI's alleged attempts to recruit infiltrators to attend vegan potlucks, the story has made its way around the blogosphere. Matt Snyders rounds up reaction.

Kevin Hoffman's post about Twin Cities mass transit provokes an interesting discussion in the comments about public transportation costs compared with the rising price of gas.

In music news, Gnarls Barkley is going to be playing at the fair (and one can only imagine their outfits). For its 40th anniversary, the Electric Fetus is having a blowout show. And I love Weezer, but did they really have to contribute to the continuing prominence of Tay Zonday?

This post about Guitar Hero peripherals is worth reading just to see the pictures -- and wonder about all the items not pictured.

Going to Sauced for food? Rachel Hutton has surrounding date-night entertainment covered.

The Strib should have an ombudsman. I wonder if Avista and its creditors are going to shell out for one soon?