Breakfast of Champions 6/30: She's called the strawberry

It was Pride Festival weekend, and we have two slideshows with 41 images from the bevy of events. Don't miss the parade images especially.

From one of those happenings: "If my 13–year–old self had known that I would be attending an En Vogue concert 16 years later, my tween self would have been impressed," writes Jessica Armbruster. If you had told my tween self that, more than a decade-and-a-half on, we'd be running a slideshow and review of the group, I would have asked you how President Springsteen could allow such a thing.

Outside of the city, people motivated by a different force took advantage of the time of year. Lines were long and deep to get into strawberry fields. Unlike last year's disappointing crops, this season's returns have been unexpectedly high -- but the sweet treats are going fast.

Breakfast of Champions 6/30: She's called the strawberry

Strawberry fields forever for about another week: Dozens packed the fields at Bauer Berry Farm in Champlin.

Buffeted by a host of hungry hands, the once-thick fields are losing their red fast. On Sunday the pickings were fairly slim (finally, an opportune time to use that phrase), and farmers say we have maybe one more week of berries in the field before it's blueberry season.

The photos from the Josephine Baker play make me deeply regret having missed the show's final performance on Saturday night.

Mitt Romney criticizes Barack Obama for working only on such liberal issues as nuclear non-proliferation and the price of gas. I am not making this up.

Win the Bloomington ChopHouse's recipe contest, and they'll put your dish on the menu. Or you could drink so much Thunderbird wine that you'll think it's on the menu. Remember: if you run out of ale ...

Ben Palosaari's roundup of evil holiday characters could only be enhanced by Xanta Klaus, the dark Santa from what I fondly refer to as the WWF/E's "moronic period." The character was played by ECW's Balls Mahoney, and featured Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase embarrassing himself only slightly less than he is now as a religious motivational speaker.

A new viral YouTube video has a local connection.

Maybe you entered the Joystick Division "identify the characters in this banner" contest. If so, you might have won some free schwag. If not, watch us roll out the answers a batch at a time.

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