Breakfast of Champions 6/26: A Mobius strip

For all you quantum physics people out there, ponder this: Jonathan Kaminsky recaps this week's print Blotter. Now I'm recapping Kaminsky's blog post recapping print Blotter.

Soon, all of this will collapse on itself in a kind of Hasselhoffian recursion.

Megan Hustad distills career advice from tomes decades, even centuries old. An excerpt from Jessica Armbruster's interview with her:

CP: How does career advice from the 1800s hold up today? Has the workplace really changed so little?

MH: What I like about the early stuff, especially advice from the late 1800s, is that it was so blunt about what you could expect to encounter in an office. At the time, the idea of the office and the businessman was a new concept. I think nowadays we do young people a disservice when we tell them they can have any job they want if they apply themselves; to just "be yourself." Being yourself isn’t always the answer though. Your boss might not give a shit about what you read last weekend, about your sky trip, or your photography habits. When working in an office people need to understand that it’s hierarchical, and people need to be trained to do it properly.

Want to know where Little Man's Chris Perricelli gets all those clothes described in this week's music column? Find out in Andrea Myers's Reporter's Notebook.

Is it legal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk? Sort of. Bradley Campbell breaks down the relevant Minneapolis statute.

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