Breakfast of Champions 6/25: It's hidden

The issue is up, and Matt Snyders takes you to the most infamous party spot in the Twin Cities: Hidden Beach. For your viewing pleasure, we have a host of photos from the spot by Nick Vlcek.

A new slideshow from Rock the Garden brings new images of the crowd, the scene and the bands to light.

When we first started looking into this story of a Minnesota Supreme Court case about open adoption, we were primarily interested in the precedent it could set. Who knew former Twins reliever Juan Berenguer's cousin was involved?

If you like your beer interesting and obscure, you'll like the Four Firkins. If you want to see some of these beers -- including a $125 Sam Adams -- check out the slideshow.

If you're more of a foodie, Rachel Hutton offers three interesting suburban restaurants and ways to make a date out of them.

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