Breakfast of Champions 6/24: If it was good enough for Nietzsche ...

I love the smell of syphilis in the morning. Smells like ... Nietzsche! Beth Walton reports on the return of an unwelcome venereal guest.

Caroline Palmer's latest dance review covers a new show at the Southern Theater, emphasizing loss in the form of movement.

Rachel Hutton discovers Greg's Meats. If she can find Akbar n' Jeff's Tofu Hut, we're in business. But first I guess I need to find a guy named Akbar.

Breakfast of Champions 6/24: If it was good enough for Nietzsche ...

Wait, there he is!

Watching Republicans try to be funny is usually like watching deformed animals have sex. It doesn't really produce the intended effect, but you can't turn away from the grotesque spectacle.

Got a brilliant idea for a short film? Enter it into the 10-second film festival, where the deadline is today. Need an idea for a short film? Watch this bunch from last year.

How is Minneapolis doing for bike-friendliness? MSNBC has opinions, and Bradley Campbell has ideas about how to proceed.

Cloud Cult are auctioning off a painting created at their live appearance on Carson Daly. If they're going to be selling one of the canvasses from Rock the Garden, too, sign me up.

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