Breakfast of Champions 6/23: Some Can Whistle

When you're reading my Rock the Garden review, consider this: Andrea Myers was supposed to attend and write about the show, but our music editor was called away to go to a wedding. Always trying to duck work, I implored her to reconsider. The following exchange ensued:

Me: "Tell them to get married at Rock the Garden. What better setting than outdoors on the green?" Myers: "I don't know if they'd go for that." Me: "What if Andrew Bird performed the ceremony? He's a snappy dresser. He looks official, the type of man who should have the authority to do such things." Myers (thinking, on the cusp of a revelation): "... wow, he could whistle the vows."

Alas, it was not to be. I went to the show (and have the review and slideshow online to prove it). Jeff Severns Guntzel took the opportunity to compile eight songs that run the gamut in terms of style and genre, but share one common element: a memorable whistling part.

None of the songs Severns Guntzel provides will, in the eyes of the state, actually get you married. But if I ever walk down the aisle again, I'm calling Andrew Bird first.

The blogs have been packed lately. Here are the weekend's highlights:

At Joystick Division, we give you the opportunity to win Metal Gear Solid and other cool schwag. Gary Hodges has created a new banner that features multiple gaming characters, from the obvious to the obscure. Name as many as you can, and you're the proud owner of one of the hottest new games.

The University of Minnesota has split with Victoria's Secret, determining that the clothing line is "not in step with the University's values and focus." Did anyone ask the anatomy department about this? How about evolutionary biology?

Don't miss James Tran's images from the Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championships.

Tragic news from the local metal scene, as Useless Wooden Toys singer Chris Johnson was stabbed to death this weekend.

It's a sad day for theater enthusiasts as well. Theatre de la Jeune Lune is being sold to pay debts.

Michele Bachmann says reading an Antonin Scalia dissent is like reading a beautiful sonnet. Jeff Severns Guntzel, ever helpful, is able to turn a Scalia dissent into Elizabethan sonnet form. Next step: some enterprising reporter should ask Michele what her favorite sonnet is to see if she can name one.

This weekend, we both endorsed straight vodka (organic!) and passed around a bottle of Night Train. We can quit any time we want. In other food news, a new restaurant opened in my neighborhood, and James Norton is confused about it. See why in his first impressions of Cafe Agri. If John McCain's campaign strategists really think Tim Pawlenty as running mate would deliver Minnesota and Wisconsin, it's a pretty good reason to vote against McCain, since that's at best bad analysis and at worst delusional. Minnesota's not likely to be close, for one thing. Vice presidential candidates don't generally affect races much, for another. Throw in the fact that T-Paw won a narrow victory here and you've got to wonder what they're thinkin'.

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