Breakfast of Champions 6/20: Things to do in Denver when you're jet-lagged

A whirlwind tour of the Denver airport and a hurried traipse though Larimer Square later, and I'm sitting in a Denver hotel room trying to figure out what time zone this is.

I'm in the middle of doing opposition research on this city, which will host the Democratic counterpart to the Republican National Convention. I have a hunch that mud won't be slung just between McCain and Obama, but between us and our sister paper Westword as well.

So that's what I'm up to, and why this won't be the typical run-down-the-daily-content post. That regular BoC returns next week.

For now, on the political tip, check out Nick Vlcek's photos of John McCain from last night and a new Elephants post, and be sure to take a gander at each other blog -- four new posts on Blotter, four more on Culture to Go, one on Twin Cities Eater and one on Balls (with one more coming!).

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