Breakfast of Champions 6/2: Grand times, pregnant ladies


Brilliant sunshine greeted Grand Old Day visitors, and the teeming throng saw many memorable images. James Tran brings 30 home to you in this slideshow.

My favorites: the show-opening homage to Abbey Road (this time with dinosaurs!) this shot of the St. Paul Bouncing Team launching a member high in the air, and hey, those are some tall unicycles. Also, the only way you could improve this image is if Darth Vader was giving the guy a pound.

Grand Old Day happens every year. An event that doesn't: a fashion show featuring sexy lingerie for pregnant women. We have a full report as well as a photo slideshow.

Reports of violence against GLBT Minnesotans have taken a sharp rise. Jeff Severns Guntzel has explanation and reaction from an advocate.

The Minnesota Martini is not, as a commenter points out, a true martini. It is, however, a tasty cocktail made with ice wine, and is hence our drink of the week. Sadly, the Dakota's mixology masterpiece does not come with its own bear or otter.

If you're more interested in food than in drinking, Rachel Hutton has food events for this week at your disposal.

I sincerely thought about driving up to Rochester on the off chance that Karl Rove and Ron Paul would be in the same place at the same time.

Gary Hodges calls out Rockstar Games for the absurd conditions that Grand Theft Auto IV was released under. Chris Ward tackles the other hot gaming commodity of the moment, the Wii Fit, with an in-depth review.

Barack Obama comes to St. Paul tomorrow night. Kevin Hoffman explains why it's his victory lap.

I don't think Brock Lesnar is going to kiss Heath Herring on the lips before their UFC bout here. It's even less likely that one of the two will instill his DNA in the other, like Kobe Bryant claims to have done to his Laker teammates.