Breakfast of Champions 6/19: Fundamentally changing our legacy

The title of this recurring enterprise you're reading right now is taken from a particular cereal (by way of Kurt Vonnegut). The famous "Breakfast of Champions" slogan is the topic of a new post regarding expatriate Kevin Garnett, who won his first NBA championship the other night.

It's fairly silly, especially in team sports, the way media and fans label players based on a few high-profile games. For years, KG's been tagged (unfairly) as the guy who can't get it done in big situations. Now, you see headlines like "fundamentally changed his legacy." It's part of the process of myth-making in sport, and I get that. But it's something that shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Let's say Paul Pierce's knee injury had actually been serious, and the Celtics had lost the Lakers series. Suddenly, Garnett's a choker again? Let's say Derek Jeter had been drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Are the words "Mr. November" ever used to refer to him? Team sports just have too many broader factors to make these pronouncements intellectually defensible.

Ernie Banks never swung a bat in a playoff game. Obviously, not as good a player as Scott Brosius.

Our latest slideshow features the Black Angels with the Warlocks last night from the Turf Club, including some images of fans at the show by Emily Utne.

Want to see the longest, sleaziest disclaimer, more full of hidden charges than that time you let your crazy ex "borrow" your credit card? Check out this non-Apple gold iPhone promotion.

Turns out Amazon Bookstore, like Cary Elwes in the Princess Bride, was only mostly dead. Now the country's oldest feminist bookstore has been revived, and is ready to once again storm patriarchy's castle.

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With all the Republican sex scandals these days, you really wouldn't be surprised to see the headline "Republican rep's web page includes images of a man blowing himself."

Ah, a good Belgian Wit. James Norton says don't miss these beers this summer.

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