Breakfast of Champions 6/18: Oh, baby

It's the (almost) all Beth Walton issue. Start with her feature story about surrogate pregnancy, which explains the social and political landscapes of the issue through the eyes of local people. Also see the accompanying slideshow featuring three of the women involved and blog post explaining the broader contours of the story.

Then there's everyone's favorite pre-pregnancy activity, dating. Walton and her boyfriend tried out speed dating, a practice that gleaned numerous humorous anecdotes. For photos and more stories, also see her Reporter's Notebook.

Keeping with the pregnancy theme: This is the most heartwarming story you will ever read about a horse getting his vasectomy reversed. The horse's name? Minnesota. Somewhere, there is an Animal Farm-esque allegorical novel to be written here.

On the plus side, new domestic oil drilling in the U.S. would get us another day or two's supply of gas. On the down side, we'd despoil priceless ecological treasures and systematically dismantle the heritage of future American children. So you take the good with the bad, right, Michele?

Eclipse Records is having a 20-and-under show. I'm getting a fake ID and sneaking in with a flask, a copy of AARP News and my lawn. So I can tell you kids to get the hell off of it.

It's not just the Strib that has to worry about bankruptcy. MediaNews Group, parent of the Pi Press, is on the skids as well.

Taste buds tingling after Rachel Hutton's dining report on the Chef Shack? Find out three things to do with a date in the area. Does not include heavy petting as a suggestion. Or maybe it does, but you won't know until you click.

Guitar virtuoso Bill Frisell is back, playing at the Cedar tomorrow night. He had kind words for our fair Midwest outpost.

If Bradley Campbell sees you riding your bike without a light, he's likely to run over you himself. On principle.

Judd Spicer lauds Michael Cuddyer's outfield arm, naming him Secretary of Defense for the Twins.

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