Breakfast of Champions 6/17: Dance Dance ... Revolution?

A picture's not really worth 1,000 words unless it's a special picture, or unless you ask a photographer. And really, who talks to photographers?

I kid, I kid. But if one image were worth 1K in the word department, we'd have the equivalent of a novella new and on the site.

Our latest slideshows are both photo essays, and tackle divergent topics. Ben Palosaari was the only journalist backstage at the Miss Minnesota pageant. He captures the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and the preparations for both.

Also available is a photo essay by B FRESH about Ananya Dance Theater's production "Daak: Call to Action." The dance theater company (formerly Women in Motion) performed a politically-charged and visually engaging show, and we have 12 images with robust photo captions.

Katherine Kersten is bringing her smear campaign about TIZA to a broader audience. Meanwhile, an RNC contributor is enmeshed in a bribery scandal.

The most-commented post of yesterday is Rachel Hutton's heralding the arrival of the mangosteen to Cub Foods, which unfortunately was a bit of a letdown. But in the comments, Mark Gisleson offers other suggestions for where to acquire the tropical treat.

Pat Neshek is one of the athletes spotlighted in Jonah Keri's feature on vegan and vegetarian athletes for ESPN.

Recent import Bradley Campbell jumped right into the local scene, catching an MC/VL show from an undisclosed location. The post includes a link to our photo slideshow from the hip-hop crew's performance at SXSW this year.

The long-rumored Doomtree full-crew CD release show is official, Aug. 1 at First Avenue.

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