Breakfast of Champions 6/16: It Blowed Up Real Good

It was a weekend of spectacles, and since we last spoke five new slideshows from local events have populated the site. Since we can only fit three on the main page at any given time (we live too large for the homepage to contain us), let me run down these don't-miss galleries:

* The Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum * The regional Air Guitar championships from the Varsity Theater * The Emperor's Ball, a re-creation of imperial Vienna to benefit St. Paul City Ballet * Our own attempt to make you appreciate your dad, the 20 Worst Fathers of All Time slideshow * Dethklok, gold metallists of Adult Swim fame, from First Ave.

If I had a two-year-old, you'd better believe I'd take my offspring to a building demolition. Jeff Severns Guntzel brings you video of a grain silo coming down, with a soundtrack provided by son Silas.

A message to women who supported Hillary, but now are considering voting for John McCain: the next president is likely to nominate as many as four Supreme Court justices. For women, Beth Walton writes, the consequences of electing a candidate hostile to reproductive health would be dear.

Did you know Al Franken dressed in drag and made little girls cry? True, he was in second-grade at the time, but you've got to figure this is good news for Rudy Giuliani. Or Norm Coleman. Whoever. Of course, Norm is is trouble himself due to ties to gas interests as an adult.

I always though this "Smiley Face Killer" business was highly unlikely. Matt Smith talks to a criminal profiler who validates that skepticism.

Aloo Gobi might not be a Star Wars character, but it'd be a great name for one. We've got a recipe for the Indian dish.

In other news, local girl makes good takes clothes off for pay. No word on when her memoir or screenplay come out, but you can see her in Playboy this month.

The latest word from polling analysts: GOP efforts to put Minnesota in play this fall are failing, and there are no indications that will change.

Look, kids, I appreciate the effort and all, really. But MD 20/20 as the exemplar of rot-gutting liquor? What are we, starting in the minor leagues? Truest words from this post: Jessica Armbruster's admonition that this is nothing compared to the Night Train. Plus, everyone knows kiwi is the best Mad Dog flavor.

One of my eMusic downloads this month is David Allan Coe live at Billy Bob's Texas (recommended). Find out what his Thursday night show at Cabooze was like from Fish DeSmith.

The next UFC card coming to Minnesota continues to fill out. If you're not into it, you can always hit the beach.

Finally, we won some awards. Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

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