Breakfast of Champions 6/13: Walk the Dinosaur

Straight to the links today:

Beth Walton follows up her soldier suicides story with news about a soldier's father competing in a triathlon to raise money for returning veterans.

We have two reviews of Walking With Dinosaurs. This one is cuter, as Silas Severns Guntzel (two-year-old son of Jeff Severns Guntzel) offers his verbatim take.

There is nothing like Gogol Bordello, even if it's easy to figure out what to do once you're at the show. 21 photos of the outdoor show from Alexa Jones capture the crowd and scene as well as the band.

"Dear Tim Dolan,

I have two dogs. They are sweet. May I use the police K-9 kennel to board them when I'm in Denver next weekend? I understand things may be a little hot for you right now, so I thought I'd give you advance notice. Thanks!


Minnesota has a lively comics scene with diverse styles. Kevin Hoffman points you in the direction of a few resources.

The Stone Arch Festival this weekend offers music and art: find the band schedule here. A prime attraction is the group of 250 art cars.

You have to be a pretty tough guy to call out Kimbo Slice. A St. Paul resident is a pretty tough guy, and will be the famed fighter's next opponent.

The New York Times' ballpark food review inspires Jeff Severns Guntzel to write some Metrodome tips for you. But we won't be eating in the Metrodome forever, and Judd Spicer interviews the man behind the new Twins stadium.

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