Breakfast of Champions 6/12: Our life is not a movie or maybe ...


Just compiled my list of things to do over the weekend, which I present on Thursdays at 2 p.m. on the Stephanie and Meredith show (listen live here if you like).

We've been following the story of the WCAL sale for some time now, and a judge's opinion shows Jonathan Kaminsky that the deal stunk.

If you like soccer (football, to worldly types like Bradley Campbell) then you probably like beer. For both, the Nomad tomorrow night is a heckuva place to watch the Euro Cup.

Violence is down across the Twin Cities, though, so don't get any football hooliganism in your minds.

Iron & Wine played First Avenue last night. I've always wanted to see that beard in person, and though I didn't get the chance, Daniel Corrigan has the pictures.

We're obviously pretty big into the Hold Steady over here. If you are, too, stream their new album for free from the band's web site. In other music news, Guerilla Blue celebrate their CD release tomorrow night, and are featured in Flyer of the Week. Don't be afraid of Budweiser -- at least not the Czech equivalent. I spent time in Prague one summer, and was stunned at the amazing beer that could be had for one American quarter. I'm sure that's changed, but the quality of the beer hasn't, writes James Norton.

John McCain doesn't think it's too important when we bring the troops home. That's ... disappointing.