Breakfast of Champions 6/10: Users' Guide to the new site


It's all happening, Penny Lane. The redesign is up, as I'm sure you've noticed, and there are a host of new features to talk about and try out. Before we hit the daily links, let's run 'em down:


Our redesign features the daily work we're doing more prominently, placing it right at the top of the page and making it more accessible through easier use of an RSS feed. Just click the orange feed icon at the top right-hand corner of each blog to follow Blotter, Culture to Go, and all the work from our other daily sites.

Commenting is also easier and more widespread throughout the site. You could always leave us comments on blog posts. For the first time, you can comment on news and feature stories as well as photo slideshows. Check out the top portion of Moles Wanted, where you can use text links to write a comment, a letter to the editor, or email the story to a friend. You'll also notice that we have a new widget that tracks our most viewed and most commented stories.

Also, you'll now see links on the homepage to some of Village Voice Media's best stories nationwide. We'll note with some pride that Jonathan Kaminsky's The Avenger is right at the top of the list.


Who doesn't want to know the best things to do around town every day? Now, we've got more user-friendly search tools for listings that make this type of knowledge just a click away.

From the A-List section on the right side of the main page, be sure to try our Calendar, Dining, Music, Movies and Clubs tabs. Under each, there are different ways to search -- so if you're looking for a movie in South Minneapolis, for example, you can look for it either by the film's name or the area. Every tab has more robust search features than the previous site, and the handy calendar tool lets you see the happenings on each upcoming day.

Ditto for the section pages. Take the Restaurants site: down the left navigation bar, you can find greats eats by cuisine type, location, price range, and even features of the establishment. Is it vegetarian? Kid-friendly? You can find out here. In the next few days, we'll be loading special critics' picks from Rachel Hutton and James Norton there, too.

That's the treasure map, but there's lots more to discover, so go explore. If you happen to find problems, shoot me an email and we'll get 'em fixed as soon as we can.

The best way to get started, though, is to see the new stuff we've got for you to read.


The Minneapolis City Council has placed new restrictions on free speech in anticipation of the Republican National Convention. Hey, I wasn't using those civil liberties anyway. In other news, the fair city has passed an anti-idling ordinance -- not that you were idling a lot with gas more than $4 a gallon anyway. Fortunately, the President's all over that problem.

Bill O'Reilly's lackey getting taken to task by Bill Moyers is kind of like watching the Mouth of Sauron get owned. Somebody grab Bill's ring and throw it into some lava. /Nerd

Neither myself nor Matt Snyders were impressed with John McCain's doddering speech last week. Turns out, neither was anyone at Fox News.

The hidden news in this post about John McCain using Google to vet VP candidates like Tim Pawlenty: John McCain evidently knows how to use Google.

Ben Palosaari's collection of weird presidential products includes at least one item I'm buying myself. Yes, that Hillary bear is gonna grace the Web Editor's desk.

Another Ron Paul thread embodies the Platonic ideal of reasoned public discourse.

Rift Magazine is back, just in time for Electric Fetus Day.

How did local foodies make out at the James Beard awards? Rachel Hutton has the rundown.