Breakfast of Champions 5/6: Financial wrap-up


New information continues to roll in about the Star Tribune's reported financial woes. We'll keep following the story, with at least one more large post planned this morning. Meanwhile, the new issue will be out this afternoon, with significant expanded web content for both the feature story and a fascinating news piece.

Your guide to all the fresh content:


Kevin Hoffman's comprehensive post, which includes background information, interviews, statements and nine updates, is here. The most recent information, which contains analysis of the Star-Tribune's own story this morning, is here.

Also see the initial reaction to the New York Post story and Strib publisher Chris Harte's response. Jonathan Kaminsky spoke with the Minnesota Vikings, who continue to believe that the downtown land owned by the Strib "will be part of an eventual stadium development package" no matter who owns it.

We'll have more updates for you on the Blotter blog throughout the day.


Jeff Severns Guntzel has noticed a problem with the international media's coverage of Iraq. He calls it "the burqa effect." A thoughtful post about a local site with a thoughtful approach.

If the world were fair, Mildred Loving would be a household name, and the case she and her husband lent their name to -- Loving v. Virginia -- would be as famous as Brown v. Board of Education. Until that Supreme Court decision, miscegenation statutes (laws banning interracial coupling) were legal, and more than a dozen U.S. states had them.

Please join me in chanting: two, four, six, eight, let's all go miscegenate. Then read my remembrance of Mildred Loving.

The Replacements once used our pages as lyrical inspiration. We found those pages and scanned them for your amusement, and for posterity.

The Bent Festival celebrates circuit-bending and the experimental music it creates. See Nick Vlcek's photos of the event at Intermedia Arts.

John Hagee is an unhinged lunatic. John McCain actively solicited his endorsement, and despite loopy anti-Catholic and anti-gay statements from the rotund orator, McCain's still glad to have his support. So why does Barack Obama have to run away from Jeremiah Wright when McCain gets a free pass?

It must be spring, authentically so: the Midtown Farmers' Market is open for business.