Breakfast of Champions 5/5: Cinco de Mayo Veritas


The big news over the weekend was media-related.

The New York Post published a story this weekend alleging that the Star-Tribune is on the cusp of bankruptcy. Kevin Hoffman is following the story, and has a response from the Strib's publisher as well as a breakdown of the Blackstone Group, the private equity firm hired to restructure the paper's balance sheet.

That arsenic-laden dirt in South Minneapolis? Jeff Severns Guntzel has a public service announcement about it. The Blind Shake, Kate Nash, the Cops, and Dosh are among the bands whose shows are reviewed in Over the Weekend. A new slideshow from the Kate Nash concert goes along with the review, and there are also pictures from this weekend's May Day parade and Cinco de Mayo celebration on Cesar Chavez.

From Chris Ward:

As video game reviewer guys, a ton of free games show up on our doorsteps from Public Relations firms hoping we'll review them all, complete with typically awful and hyperbolic press release. With only 52 print reviews allotted per year in the Village Voice, a lot of shit doesn't get reviewed by Gary and I. And I do mean shit...with a wealth of games to consider for review, some games don't even get the shrink wrapping taken off. Some games my cats chew on. Some games get given away to people we dislike immensely.

At Joystick Division, he reports on one such game.

Judd Spicer has baseball book recommendations, and checks in on the Santana trade.