Breakfast of Champions 5/30: Wii find the Wii Fit girl


You and nearly one million other Internet users have already seen the YouTube video "Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit." Perhaps, like me, you immediately assumed this was a callow ad agency attempt at viral marketing.

Our Gary Hodges tracked down the boyfriend behind the video, and turns out you might be surprised by what he has to say. Also, he subscribes to the Joystick Division RSS feed, so we love him already.

It was a coinflip between going to the Barack Otrama CD release party last night or going out to Brit's with co-workers to celebrate the near-completion of our upcoming Summer Guide. If I had known there would be cupcakes at Barack Otrama, it might have tipped the balance! Oh well. We got photos from B FRESH Photography out of the latter, and the City Pages trivia team emerged victorious at the former.

Matt Snyders' inimitable take on the Pledge of Allegiance includes the following passage:

The pennant in question is known colloquially as “the American Flag,” which features 13 horizontal red and white stripes, with a star-spangled blue blotch in the upper corner. The Flag is intended to evoke emotions of cohesiveness and pride-in-geographic-proximity, and is often displayed publicly to ward off the twin demons of Independent Judgment and Rational Thought. Sometimes referred to as “Old Glory” or “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the Flag is believed to magically transmit strength and support to American battalions and U.S.-commissioned mercenary armies currently fighting in killing fields across the globe, especially when coupled with a yellow ribbon.

State government is using the powerful tool called shame to shine the light on sales tax deadbeats. Beth Walton reports.

Like the Rev. Horton Heat would say, it's martini time at Twin Cities Eater. Rachel Hutton alerts you to the Sex and The City cocktails that coincide with the movie's release. I'm an ice wine fan, so I dig the splash of the stuff that goes in the Dakota's Minnesota Martini.

If you haven't seen the Yacht Rock videos, you must. But if you don't like the Web (and if not, what are you doing here?), you can catch them at the BLB next weekend.

Doomtree and the date 7/29/08 are inspiring blogosphere speculation.

If you care about the fate of the newspaper and the future of journalism, this might interest you.

Reason No. 176 to go to a Saints game: you might end up with a valuable collectible, like the Larry Craig Bobblefoot doll.

Jeff Severns Guntzel takes home the 12th Society of Professional Journalists award for City Pages this year.