Breakfast of Champions 5/29: Radio waves


Food writer Rachel Hutton was on the Stephanie and Meredith show's "Foodie Tuesday" segment earlier this week. I'm back on the airwaves this afternoon at 2 p.m., talking about what to do over the weekend. But there are always potential surprises at FM 107.1 -- last time a caller asked me about phone sex. Remarkably, I didn't vapor-lock: thanks, years of doing debate! If you're so inclined, listen live here.

Is there anything Tom Waits can't do? First, he beatboxes on the new Atmosphere record; now, he's providing accompaniment to Minneapolis crime reports. Jeff Severns Guntzel shows the songsmith's prescience.

Speaking of food, are you looking for good solid northern Indian cuisine? Then James Norton suggests you try Gandhi Mahal, next door to Midori's.

Dan Sinykin has a thoughtful and unusual review of author Michael Ondaatje's reading for the Talking Volumes series on Culture to Go.

Translating complex information so that it is both accurate and comprehensible to the average reader is a tough task. A new report argues that journalists covering health issues aren't doing the job, and the consequences fall on the average consumer.

Rich locals are helping to fund the RNC's welcoming efforts, and their efforts are much more successful than their donkeyish counterparts, reports Kevin Hoffman.