Breakfast of Champions 5/28: Month in review

End-of-the-month roundup time, and it's an especially strong Month in Photos, I think. Wolf pups and gimp masks and lowriders, bands like M.I.A. and Rilo Kiley, and much more.

There's also the new issue to consider. The GOPFathers is our featured list of 10 influential Minnesota Republicans you may not have heard of.

Speaking of slideshows, we covered the Latino festival Vive Minnesota in pictures, and Rachel Hutton's food feature about the International Marketplace is accompanied by pictures of the Hmong market. Plus, check out the recipes.

How can George Clinton still be going strong while pushing 70? Witness the transformative power of funk in Daniel Corrigan's photos and Nate Patrin's review of Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.

Once you read Andrea Myers's column about "Hallelujah," check out videos of the Leonard Cohen song as well.

Chris Chike, who made the cover of our paper as the world-record holder for Guitar Hero, has just signed an endorsement deal.

Is this really James Lileks? You be the judge.

Judd Spicer reviews his predecessor as Twins blogger's new novel.

I for one am shocked to find that a a video dissing Hillary Clinton while using Nazi imagery exists on YouTube.

Sick of that Wii Fit already? Find yourself getting bored with the platter? Gary Hodges has some ideas for you.

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