Breakfast of Champions 5/26: Holiday weekend edition

Suggested listening for today: "Memorial Day" by the Perceptionists. More music in mere moments, as photos come in from Soundset.

Beth Walton reports on the controversy about restrictions on free speech with respect to RNC protests.

Al Franken wrote for Playboy, and somehow this is a big deal to GOP activists. At least Al didn't suggest assassinating the opposition's frontrunner would be a good thing. Only Fox News gets to do that.

Walking With Dinosaurs, the prehistoric stage romp, has a series of numbers associated with it. Ben Palosaari has the breakdown.

Also, Tim Pawlenty: still in the mix for the second banana slot to John McCain

The much-anticipated game Haze is surrounded by a thick layer of dumb, writes Gary Hodges.

The arboretum has its own farmers' market, just in time for outdoor festivities.

Local UFC fighter Sean Sherk went down to defeat in his title match this weekend. Should he drop down a weight class?

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