Breakfast of Champions 5/23: Working for the Weekend


A mere day after I warned against playing the Summon Paulbots card, Kevin Hoffman tempted fate by doing just that in a post that asked whether the FBI should be watching vegan potlucks or the Paul supporters.

The whole comment thread is gold, but I'm already giving this the early nod for comment of the year:

"Ron Paul's people are not vegans and neither is Ron Paul. He's a red blooded meat-eating American veteran and I can vouch for that personally."

Not only has this commenter had barbecue with Ron Paul, he evidently cut Ron Paul open just to make sure his blood was the crimson-hued type we expect from a non-Vulcan.

I hope they make another CGI ad of Ron with the text underscore: "Not a vegan. Suck it, Kucinich."

A new study might pave the way for Cargill's stevia-based sweetener to come to market. But is it safe? We look into stevia's potential risks and what the FDA does now.

Indie rock darlings Rilo Kiley played the First Avenue Mainroom last night, and we have a slideshow with 18 photos of Lewis and company by Daniel Corrigan. Also see Amber Schadewald's review.

Thirsty? Ready to kick of the weekend with the No. 1 cocktail at the Local? Try the Big Ginger, this Friday's Drink of the Week.

U.S. News And Also World Report chimes in on our senatorial race.

From Joystick Division, we learn that the new Penny Arcade Game is good, the Guitar Hero video spoof from an American Idol winner is bad, and the prospects of making it with a job in the industry might be ugly.

Ever wanted to work at Ren Fest? To go back in time before the end of chivalry and the onset of penicillin and personal hygiene? Of course you have. Jessica Armbruster tells you how.

The man who spawned the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync is going to jail. Sadly, not for the crime of spawning the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync.

I was thrilled to find this live recording of a Husker Du show from 1981, but dismayed to find no "Gilligan's Island" on the setlist. Nothing quite like Grant Hart asking the Professor to make good drugs for him.