Breakfast of Champions 5/22: The Summoning


Do you believe in Magic? I do. At least, I believe in this card.

The Summon card is like Colt .45. It works every time. Just check the thread.

Baby Guts releases a new disc a week from today with a celebratory show, and we have the Flyer of the Week to prove it. Also, I can't help but note that the Vignettes open that show, which means it's worth checking out for their assortment of handmade stuffed creatures (and quirky, rocked-up power pop) alone.

Also, if you ask politely and give them $2, the Vignettes will draw your picture. They did one for me last month, and I think it's a great likeness:

Mason Jennings' new album is out, and Andrea Myers tells you where to can listen to it streaming -- as well as what tracks are worth listening to.

Did cheap fiscal policies play a role in the 35W bridge collapse? A new report says yes.


Ward Rubrecht is an unstoppable killing machine! Bent on destroying all in his path! Especially bent on destroying unrealistic elements in games! Raaah! Ward will smash!

Two new updates and Tim Pawlenty's potential VP status.

The Strib's online ranking is healthy, even higher than the vaunted New York Times.

Petey P. Cup. Sound it out. Okay, now spell out the last word out loud. Now I'm just being ridiculous.

Where else but Twin Cities Eater can you find a secret discount grocery spot, information about a little-known Amishg enclave, and audio of a giant talking cow?

The Wii Fit might might be sold out everywhere, but I'm still pulling out all the stops to get a review copy. Me and Nate Patrin have a "Wii Fit vs. DDR" battle post planned, and this needs must happen.