Breakfast of Champions 5/20: Nothin' but blue skies ahead


We have some good news in a moment, followed by a vigorous day of news posting leading up to the print issue. For now, the news:

The story about the violent criminal who attacked his lawyer in open court is strange enough. It becomes ever stranger when you learn what his sentence was.

Visually, Adam Turman's work is distinct. Once you visit the new slideshow of his work, you'll be able to recognize some of the artwork (including covers) Turman has done for City Pages. His prints are on display at Artistic Indulgence until June 13. One image Turman created was meant to be a gig poster for a musician who played First Avenue earlier in the year. Try to guess who, and if you can't, click here.

The first ever UFC bout in Minnesota is coming to the Target Center, and features two local fighters. In other mixed martial arts news: One guy says his opponent is a cheater with no heart who is dead to him. The other guy says his opponent gave up and mailed in a fight. Local UFC champion Sean Sherk's next MMA confrontation has some bad blood involved.

I'm glad James Norton attached this magnetic light to a BBQ tool for scale. The latest in the kitchen gadgets series is smaller than I would have expected.

Confidence, as Jack Palance noted in a cologne ad from a bygone era, is sexy. Perhaps that's why Tim Pawlenty's lame joke about not getting sex at home has undermined his chance at the VP nod.