Breakfast of Champions 5/19: A full Blotter


Since Friday, we've had six new posts show up on this here Blotter blog (not counting this one). We'll detail them down below, and there will be more this morning, but you might want to scroll through to be sure you haven't missed something interesting, something horrifying, or the winning lottery numbers.

What's more visual: decades-old glam rock style updated for today, or grisly death metal imagery? See two of our slideshows -- Rock For Pussy's tribute to David Bowie and Swordlord Production's underground black metal show at First Avenue -- and decide for yourself. Personally, I always thought a Bowie show could have been improved by fake hunks of flesh hanging from onstage meathooks.

For more on Rock For Pussy, which benefits the Minnesota Valley Humane Society, read Jen Paulson's review.

From the "Unearthed" files come two fascinating looks into yesteryear. First, before filesharing killed the music industry, in turns out dubbing tapes did the same thing. Also, note to all local media covering light rail: we beat you all on this story by nearly 25 years. Precognition, it helps.

Is the Heliotrope Festival more mainstream than ever? Perhaps, says David Hansen, but it's still three great days of music. With dozens of photos by Daniel Corrigan.

Also from this weekend, El-P and Dizzee Rascal brought a transatlantic spectacle of b-boy-ism to the Triple Rock, much to Nate Patrin's delight. Andrea Myers collects the weekend's reviews, adding one of the Nick Africano show by Desiree Weber.

A man tried to kill himself by diving headfirst into a wood chipper.

Michael Medved has said a lot of stupid things in his time. He is the Babe Ruth of stupid things, able to say them in prodigious quantities without the use of stupid-enhancing drugs. But wow, racial tensions in the U.S. are due to slaves having less desirable DNA than other Americans? Really?

It's too early to come up with a clever line here, so I'll just say: fuck you, Gawker.

If you, like Bushwick Bill in the early 90s, are "tired of paying those high-ass gas prices," you might want your own ethanol brewing machine. Complete with pump for your car!

The Living Beyond Poster Project celebrates artists who have struggled with mental illness.

After an anonymous source turned up in the Pi Press, Strib Guild officials closed ranks, attempting to plug future leaks. In related news, Strib creditor Avista and financial mercenary firm Blackstone are big donors to John McCain.

A t Joystick Division, Gary Hodges has the latest numbers for assorted consoles. Also, a lot of people are talking about Grand Theft Auto IV as a game; Nate Patrin's talking about Liberty City as a place.