Breakfast of Champions 5/15: Halfway


When Richard Nixon ran for re-election, one of his slogans was "In Your Heart, You know He's Right." When Nixon died, I made a series of bumper stickers organized around the theme "In Your Heart, You're Glad He's Dead."

How this applies to Matt Snyders' invective-flecked elegy for Jerry Falwell a year after his death is an exercise left to the reader.

Hey, discount groceries! My diet's in luck if something falls off a truck! Elsehwere in the food world, if you would like some cheese with that wine, James Norton tells you how to combine the two into a weekend getaway.

Les Deux Magots play an all-ages show tonight at Eclipse Records. Don't believe us? Check the flyer of the week.

The latest on the Strib, from Rupert Murdoch's take to the potential for a land deal with the Vikings.

Somebody vandalized old pictures of Minnesota's governors. Well, at least they got Jesse's portrait, I guess. They should be able to tell from the photo in the post whether Ben Palosaari did it or not.

Are you ready for the Republican Party Reptiles? Matt Snyders is. That's him in the corner, talking to their daughters.