Breakfast of Champions 5/14: Medical alert


Join us tonight at your favorite downtown danceteria for our annual Best of the Twin Cities party. Doomtree will be there performing, and so will the Alarmists, Romantica and Gospel Gossip. Plus, you can find your favorite writer and give them a hug. Or find your least favorite writer and tell them they suck. If you can't find your least favorite writer, you can come tell me that I suck by proxy. It's cool, I can take it. Hugs would be better, though.


When a mysterious illness devastated her son, a mother had to go toe-to-toe with some of our most prominent medical professionals. See family photos here. Beth Walton's extensive Reporter's Notebook explores litigation around medical cases such as this one.

Rumors have been circulating for months about the RNC protests and how security procedures will affect the area. In Jonathan Kaminsky's Convention Fact Check, we tell you whether that homeless shelter's going to close, whether protesters will be rounded up and shipped away from town, and more.

Have to make a film in 24 hours for the film race? Need someone on the scene to document it? Sonja Henie's out. I'll take Matt Snyders.

Tou Saiko Lee, local Hmong rapper, and Cloud Cult, local art-eco-rockers, both made national news this week.

Chris Ward offers a multimedia-laden tale of his failed television show, developed contemporaneous to the cult hit Robot Chicken. Plus, a photo of Ward with MC Chris.

Tom Brady rips ESPN, but then gets owned by a 14th century friar and philosopher.